Hang is an instrument that is musical and it belongs to the idiophone class which was created by Mr Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Switzerland. The company name that was named by the creators is “PANArt Hangbau AG”. The Hang also is often referred as hang drums, but PANart inventors consider it a misnomer and hence strongly discourage the use of this name.

The instrument has been constructed from the two half-shells of a deep drawn sheet of nitrided steel that is glued together on the rim; leaving inside of the instrument hollow from inside and also creating a distinct kind of ‘UFO shape’. The topmost side of the instrument has central ‘note’ that is hammered into the vessel like structure and it also consists of seven to eight ‘tone fields’ that are hammered around its center. The bottom of the instrument is plain surface which has been rolled with a hole in the center along with tuned note which can be created as the rim gets struck.

Hang also uses some kind of same very basic physical principles that of a Stephen posse, but are modified in a way to act also as a Helmholtz resonator. Creation of Hang hence is the result of several years of research on steel pan as well as the other instruments. The Hang inventors have continued refining the shape as well as the materials, eventually producing several variations over the coming years.
If someone is looking for buying an authentic PANArt Hang, it is safer to say that one has missed the boat, as goes the saying. Since the production of PANArt was discontinued from the year 2013, the only sole chance of buying PANArt Hang is through buying second hand from the various market places like sites like the eBay or the Craigslist.The major problem with buying a second hand Hang is because of the discontinuation of this instrument, the cost of the second hand Hangs is very high.

Recently, when checked, there was just one PANArt Hang that was available on eBay which waslisted at the whopping cost of $7000.

Earlier in the year 2001 when the PANArt had first opened the doors to selling Hang drum for sale to the general public, the starting price of the Hang was only $400. As of now, one would probably wish to go back in time and grab one of the hangs for just $400. This is impossible now, one can imagine that when the popularity for beautiful Hang instruments grew, the price tag grew as well.
It would have been reasonable to know that a genuine Hang has now become a collectors item for now. As this has been mentioned already, second hand PANArt Hang can be in the range starting from $4,000 to $12,000 and even up. It is not an option for every person. If one is set on getting oneself a genuine Hang it may be worth a try to hunt down on eBay or in Craigslist. But one should be aware of these kind of items as these can be a scam due to their pretty high price. So one shouldn’t get fooled by deals that are way too good.