Drum box, it is one of the simple design and effective type of the musical instrument in the open market. It gets over demand all over the world when comparing to the other. Moreover, it comes in the variety of styles and sizes but, surely, it fits your budget.

Not only the drum box is easy to play but also it is easy to make. Everyone can make the drum box in their home itself. If you want to save your money by buying expensive box drum in the market, then read this article. Here, I mentioned the tips to make the drum box in the home. Use it and make the new drum box to avoid buying the expensive rate of the drum box in the market.

What are the materials are needed to buy the drum box?

Mostly, the handcrafted design of the drum box is made using the plywood material. It is strong as well as it produces the good sound to you. So, try to use the plywood to make the drum box. Totally, 6 pieces of the plywood you need to make it.

In addition, buy the screws to fix the plywood accurately and rubber feet for bottom use. However, it is quite important to use the varnish or Danish oil on the surface of the drum box. So, you can play the music on it without facing any injuries of your hands.

Steps to build the drum box

  1. First and foremost, take the plywood and cut the shape of the drum box you need. You can make any size of the drum box. But, try to make the big size of the drum box to enjoy the loud sound of
  2. Once you cut the plywood make sure that whether the cuttings are straight and the measurements are accurate or not.
  3. Some of the drum box holds the holes in the front portion of it. So, while you playing on it, it generates the good sound. If you want to make the holes, then using the driller machine to hole about 12 cm.
  4. Once you cut all required pieces to make the drum box use the glue to fix it properly. Try to use the high-quality glue so you can protect it from the damages. However, while you applying the glue on the wood pieces use enough amount of glue to frame it gently.
  5. After applying the glue on all sides of the wood pieces, apply the pressure gently on it until it dry. Leave it 5-10 minutes of time freely so the wood pieces will attach altogether properly.
  6. Actually, the glue is not enough to attach the wood pieces. So, use the screws for more protection. Besides, attach the rubber feet on the bottom side of the drum box. So, it will ever damage while you sit on it to play.
  7. Lastly, use the varnish to coat on it so it gives the good look and you can protect it from the climatic damages.