The days are no longer when one can switch to and can easily get a true PANArt hang. After the year 2013 PANArt stopped Hang. Now everyone is left with two options only:

  1. Get on ebay or Craigslist. Here one might pay double or triple for the second hand Hang.
  2. Manufactures like Tzevaot make hand pan and in the same way made by pan art. This is available on online sites for $3000.


No one can blame anyone for having a desire to buy PANArt Hang drum since they are turning into collectors items. This item will hold its value for a long period of time. Moreover, its desire will increase with the passage of time due to presence of limited number of Handpan in the market.

These things will be needed by the ones following this route:



Since the price of the hang is a bit high, therefore there is a chance for a person to get tricked and may become a victim of a scam. One should completely check any deal on Craigslist and eBay because there are many out there who place good deals just to attract people.


  1. Before buying go through the history and feedback of the seller.
  2. You can also ask the seller to meet you in person and allow you to check it.
  3. Many times the best deals are scams.


One should be ready to pay more money than the original value.

On amazon the same thing is available for $3000. The other brands that make according to PANArt method are able to make very similar to the original product. These are sold for a lower rate than second hand products.


Never buy the hang that is displayed at the first position on the eBay. It is very expensive. Your patience will take you to a better deal. There are many people who are in a hurry to sell their hang and they try to get the amount for which they bought. While there are many who want to sell it for a larger price.

So one must be patient and see the product properly before buying it.


With this option, a person can buy it from the marketplace. There is a marketplace where handpans similar to hang are available.


The last place where one can get it is Amazon. In this site, hand pans are available for decent prices. There are many hang drums that are reasonably priced below $3000. Although Bali instruments are not available with the authentic certificate. But they are excellent sounding instruments.

PANArt Hang VS Bali Steel Pan

For the ones who want something similar to real hang then Tzevaot hand pans are made for you. These hand pans are made according to true PANArt method. Although they are more expensive than Bali steel, but are of higher quality.