Steel drums are not easily found in shops. Not every local instrument shops have these steel dreams. You will have to search for shops that sell good-quality steel drums. There are places where steel drums are custom made. But they are usually high-rated. They can also be bought online, where the choices are more and varied. Through online purchase, prices of the steel tongue drums for sale can be compared and there are chances for discounts too. Used drums can also be bought through online purchase too.

Tips while Buying

  • You can browse for more information about the steel pan or drum you are seeking to buy, before you make a purchase.
  • You can also ask for professional advice before selecting the instrument.
  • Make sure that there are no dents or damages on the outer drum, visible to the eye, as they may distort the beauty of the music.
  • You can also take an electronic tuner to check the sound variations of the drum and to check that the notes are harmonious and perfect sounding.
  • If you are a beginner or a learner, you can buy steel drums that are more economic or you can buy used drums for playing, as the steel drums are usually expensive instruments. You can also listen to some great music by other pannists and get yourself familiarized, with good pieces of music from great pannists.
  • If you are a professional, it is worth investing money into such good instruments.

Tips for better Drum Playing

  • The drums can be played using the mallets or with the hands. Playing with the mallets, helps in producing sound of good quality. By playing with the hands, you can play with more vigor that generates a thicker sound. You can use better technique, while playing with the hands.
  • You have to understand the purpose of the drum. The steel drums may be used for personal use, for meditation or for professional use. Professional use may be for solo performance, for group playing or for playing along with other instruments.
  • The scale that you choose must be the one that connects with your style of playing and listening. High tones are used for playing calm music. Frequency such as 432 Hz, help in providing a serene music that is very soothing on the nerves, while the 444 Hz, helps to uplift the spirit and in releasing tension.
  • Major scales help to uplift the spirit, while the more popular ones are the A Phrygian or G Major. Frequency like 440 Hz is a standard tune that is commonly used and can blend well with others. The minor scales are used for more emotional music. C Major is a common Major scale and E minor is a minor scale that is popularly used. Other major keys are C Major, D Major, E Major, F Major and G Major. Other minor keys are C minor, D minor, E minor and A minor.

The Jumbie Jam Steel drum

This is a great percussion instrument that is very easy to play, as well as providing great sound and quality music. The melody produced by the steel pan is great music to the ears. As the chords are marked on the steel pan, it is easy to play on the steel pans, even for beginners. It can be played by the young and the old alike, as well as by the experienced and by beginners too, without any difficulty. The instrument is easy to learn, as it is designed in such a way that anyone can easily learn to play on the instrument. It produces a sound that is harmonic and melodious. The drum is manufactured in such a way that it can be collapsed and carried easily, while travelling. The drums are usually light weight and come with a metallic finish in color. They are also available in colors of green and blue, for those who prefer the brighter color.

The drum kit comes with the Jumbie Jam steel drum, wooden mallets and a collapsible stand for the pan, which can be adjusted to the height of the individual player. Also enclosed are a beginner’s guide book, a play-along CD and a song book, which is especially useful for the beginners.


  • The Jumbie Jam is simple in design and comes at a price that is affordable. There are various price ranges and the buyer can start with simple models and then proceed for the better quality, if price is of concern.
  • It is an easy-to-play instrument that encourages music play for beginners.
  • The steel drum is collapsible and is light-weight and very easy to carry, while travelling.
  • The play-along CD and the song book are very useful for the beginners.
  • The collapsible stand requires very little storage space. It can be easily assembled, while playing and de –assembled, for easy storage.

Taking care of the Steel Drum

  • Taking proper care of the steel tongue drum and steelpan is necessary, to keep the instruments in tune and for long life.
  • The tongue drum and steel pan are made of steel. But, there are probabilities of them getting rusted, if they are not kept dry and safe. Keep them protected in covers and well stored in a safe place, especially while travelling.
  • Choose the musical scales that are harmonious with the tunes. As the scale is a personal choice, you can choose the one that speaks with you, through its music.

Playing music in a flexible manner using varying notes and frequencies is a pleasure to hear and play. When you share this harmonious sound, with the people surrounding you, it helps to raise their spirit and gives out a positive energy. Customized instruments give them a more personal touch that suits a person’s taste. Having musical dreams and developing these dreams into reality is the purpose of the tongue drum and steel pan. When you see steel drums for sale, make sure that you make the right choice and get the best product that has value for money.