Generally speaking, the Cajon is a word which is derived from the Spanish and the meaning of the Cajon is drum box. With the help of the Cajon drum box, you can play the music excellently.

In the earlier stage, the Cajon drum box is simply made using the wood and it does not produce the good quality sound to you. But, now, this Cajon drum box is built using the new technology so it gives the good amplification and excellent tone to you. Not only that but also it allows you to adjust the snare based on your needs. Moreover, Cajon drum box just appears like the hallow box.

Should I consider the types of the Cajon drum box to buy?

Without a doubt, if you want to own a Cajon drum box to get the excellent sound from it, then you must consider the types of it. Normally, depending on the performance and the look of the Cajon drum box, it is divided into 4 types. The explanations of these types of the Cajon drum box are as follows,

  1. Peruvian Cajon:

This Peruvian Cajon drum box is one of the traditional types of the drum box which is used 200 years ago. Actually, this Peruvian Cajon drum box does not contain any snare system but the corners of this Cajon drum box are perfectly sealed. So, it provides the better sound to you. Moreover, if you buy this Peruvian Cajon, then you can enjoy the deep sound in it.

With the help of this Peruvian Cajon, you can achieve the music of the Afro-Peruvian. For that, you need to follow some special techniques.

  1. Snare Cajon:

This snare Cajon is one of the modern versions of the Cajon in the market. By using this snare Cajon, you can enjoy the good snare in it. Nowadays, many varieties of the snare Cajon drums are available in the market which gently allows you to ON and OFF the snare system while you are playing with it.

  1. Flamenco Cajon:

Unquestionably, one of the most famous types of the Cajon is the Flamenco Cajon. Mostly, this type of the Cajon is built using the plywood. So, it produces the good sound as well as it is available at a reasonable rate in the market.

Moreover, when comparing to the old model, the new model of this flamenco Cajon has developed well so it allows you to control or adjust the snare based on a wish.

  1. Cuban Cajon:

Last but not least, the Cuban Cajon is normally called as the 5-sided Cajon. If you want to play this Cuban Cajon, then you should place in between your legs. Moreover, this Cuba Cajon is specially used to enjoy the Afro-Cuban music.

These are the 4 most common types of the Cajon drum boxes. But, not only are these 4 types of the Cajon available in the market. Apart from that, many types of the Cajon drum boxes are exists in the market.