The design of the original hang and a hand pan of quality have a lot of similarities in them. The price is somewhat between $1000 – $3000. If you focus only on its price then you may think it is very expensive. But if you compare it with other musical instruments, then you might understand the true value of its price because the other instruments are more expensive.


Now to get the complete picture of their high cost, we have to dig deep into their production process. Hand pans are not the instruments that are produced in factories. They are handmade. They are made in the same way in which a potter spends hours making a pot by his bare hands by using some tools. After many hours of continuous effort a pan is created. For the making of hand pans expensive tools are required along with different materials. High business expenses and employee wages make it cost high.

All the costly hand pans undergo through a number of manufacturing process so that it could be given the correct shape and give proper sound. To make them corrosion resistant, they are further undergone through many processes.



There are many videos available on the internet where you can see all the different processes that are done to make a handpan drum. After seeing these videos one can get the rough idea of the labor and time required to make a hand pan.

Many hours are invested just to give the shape to the hand pan.

After the proper shape is given, it is hammered and hammering is done to leave proper space for different musical notes. This part is not the toughest one. The toughest part is to tune the instrument properly.


Actually, in my opinion, this depends on the quality of the hand pan. But this question, according to me is less appropriate than asking about the annual income of the pan makers. This question will enable everyone to predict the cost of a single hand pan.

From the data that has been collected it shows a single pan maker can make about 40- 50 hand pans in a year. Now let us assume he can sell 35 of them in a year and at a cost of around $1800 each pan, then he would earn something about $63000.

We all know that handmade things are not perfect, so there might few hand pans that won’t function properly and will not be bought by anyone.

In the article it is mentioned earlier the different investments required for the making of the hand pan. All the prices that the buyer pays cannot be counted as the money gained by the pan maker.

Now if anyone looks properly into these things he might get the rough idea of the small profit that these pan makers make in a complete year.

I just request you consider their labor before bargaining with the pan makers.