Cajon Drum Box – Acustic Wooden Instrument

The Cajon is a Spanish term that refers to a box or a crate. The Cajon is a percussion instrument that originates from Peru. It is a type of percussion box drum that is played by slapping on the front drum of the box, in a harmonious beat to produce a wonderful rhythm. It can be played by using the entire hand or alternatively using the fingers and the hands. It can also be played by using brushes, sticks or mallets. The Cajon drum was originally made as wooden boxes, but they are now being made by using better technology and sturdy materials. They are now available as luxurious handcrafted models to DIY kits. Stretched cords are also used on the box, for a better tone and sound. Guitar strings and rattles are also used as additional fittings. It can be easily transported, as it is versatile and comes in a compact size. Cajon instruments are found in all styles and budget, to suit the taste and expertise of each individual.

Playing the Cajon Instrument

The player usually sits atop the box and plays it by striking the Cajon, placed between his knees. The box is usually played by keeping it vertically positioned or by tilting it at an angle. The player beats the Cajon using his palms, fingers or his hands and a combination of all three to produce great sound and music. It is also played with metal brushes or plastic brushes. Some percussionists add a bass drum pedal to the Cajon to play with the foot and thereby using his hands to play other instruments. To get a bass toned sound, the middle of the playing surface of the box has to be hit, while a higher tone results from hitting the sides of the box and at the top. The Cajon has become popular, as musicians now play it along with acoustic instruments. Almost everyone can belt out a good rhythm on the Cajon, as it is similar to playing on a small tin surface to produce a sound or on the bench or any flat surface that one comes across. However, practice is the key to performing well on the Cajon and to play with other musical instruments.

About Cajon Drum Kit

The Cajon Drum kit has many essential items that are related to playing the instrument. It helps to play the normal rhythmic tunes in smaller settings. They are especially made for both right hand and let hand players. The basic model is the wooden Cajon drum generally made of good wood, such as birch wood. The Cajon can be made with a snare or without a snare. The snare helps the high tones to be enhanced and replicated the sound of the drums. If the player wants a hand drum substitute, he can use one without a snare. At the base of the body, is a Cajon Pedal. Giving a gentle tap on it, gives a focused tone. There is a double chain drive pedal that is also provided with adjustable tension for better play. The cable adds to the stability of the Cajon. The pedal has to be used according to the user and is placed either to his left or to his right. The hihat stand has multi-clamp facility, on which the disc fits in snugly. The snare wires, as well as the wooden hollow body, provide great jazzy rhythms and backbeats. The cymbals provide great sounds, when they are closed and when they are open. The kick, the snare and the hihat makes the player feel that his is sitting on a drum kit. It gives the player a good mix of the drum and the Cajon. They can be played using the multi sticks which provide good music and sound. The shaker adds to the rhythm, the blanket will add to the comfort of your sitting posture and for storing the Cajon accessories. The gig bag offers good protection to the entire kit, especially when taking it for performances.

The Cajon is a wooden box and it is played, exactly as a drum. The instrument is a hollow drum, which is made from plywood. There are modern Cajon that have adjustable snare and bass tone and for amplification. The plywood is thicker at the side and at the top, while it is thinner at the bottom of the drawer. A sound hole is provided at the back of the box, because of which, the front surface of the box gives different sounds, just by hitting the different parts of the box at the front.

Three Forms of Cajon

The Cajon comes in three forms. They are the solo drum, the middle drum and bass box drum.

The solo drum is originated from a drawer; the middle drum is a smaller box and is played with a spoon instead of using the fingers and hands; the bass box drum is usually played with the percussionist sitting on top of the box. Once you know how to play drum box, you can get the expertise to distinguish between the frequencies and the rhythmic movement required. Each type of Cajon has to be mastered, to produce good sound. Once you learn the basics, getting expertise in playing it well, becomes much easier.

The Drum Box You Sit Upon

The humble Cajon is a cheap drum box you sit on, while performing on it, to play a good tune. Seated on it, you can hit the front surface of the drum. Though the modern Cajon have built-in amplification, bass tones and adjustable snare, the Cajon Drum Box is still a hollow box, made of thin plywood on one side, while the other sides are made of thicker wood. There are various methods by which you can do it yourself and make a cheap percussion box, while belting out a harmonious rhythm, with your fingers and palm.

Acoustic Drum Box

Even when there are many instruments to create good music, it is the entire set of drums which helps to complete the musical tune. You may be a professional or hobbyist, but where there are 3 to 6 pieces of drum sets available, you can take the performance to new heights by the sheer performance of the consolidated harmony belted from them. The Cajon has become very popular in recent years and produces a very earthy sound, with an acoustic touch that fits perfectly and remains in tune with other instruments. Beating a basic rhythm is very easy on the drum box and stylish. But it is perfection through practice that will bring the best out of every tune, especially when played with harmony of sound, along with expertise.

Good Quality Wooden Drum Box

When you buy a Cajon, be sure that the wooden drum box you choose is of good quality. The quality of joints should also be inspected. The reinforcing made and the finishing touch to the product should also be examined. Hardwood such as birch, gives good frequency range that produces rich bass tone. A well-constructed drum can stand the hardships of travel. The front panel should be of good quality to give better sound. Make sure that the high tones are crisp and sharp. The bass tones should be well-defined and deep. The tone separation, between the high and bass tone, should be audible. The snares that have a controlled buzz for higher ones should be chosen, while they should not dominate, when playing the bass tones. Boxes made from cheap timber do not give the separation, between the bass and high tones. Watch out for the snare buzz, while purchasing the Cajon drum box. By using the proper technique, you can beat beautiful, harmonious music that everyone will enjoy from the good ol’ wooden drum box.

How to Play Drum Box?

The drum can be played in any way that is comfortable for the player. It is a six sided instrument that can be played on all sides. One of its sides has a hole on it. The side with the hole has to be placed behind you. The front side is the drum head or the tapa. Players usually play the Cajon by sitting on top of it. You can also tilt it inwards when you play. You can use your palm, fingers or your hand. Each place on the percussion box drum will emit different sounds and these sounds are used to produce good music with rhythm and melody. You can also use brushes to get the kick, snare and hi-hat sound. Sticks can also be used. But the stick and the brushes should be of light-weight and delicate, so that it does not dent or make a crack, on its surface.

Slap Drum Box Features

  • The SlapDrum is made of sturdy hardwood to add to its aesthetic value and for durability. They are almost 20” tall with a 144 square inch Baltic Head. They have a tuned taper port. They provide excellent range, with big volume. They have unique wood grains.
  • It also comes as a Mini SlapDrum, which is a shrunk version of the bigger Slapdrum and consists of a 16” X 10” Playable Baltic Head.
  • The SlapBoxx is well-loved by percussionists and drummers who love its acoustic design. The SlapBoxx delivers variety of sounds typical of any acoustic drum box. It can be played by placing it on the lap, as it fits snugly in the lap. This prevents the user from bending forward to play the instrument, as it can be comfortably placed in the lap and prevents strain on the backbone and neck.
  • The SlapBoxx is also available as a Mini SlapBoxx which comes as a 16” X 10” playable Baltic Head.
  • The slap drum box is made of walnut hardwood, to add to its durability and aesthetic value. The crisp rim slaps, provide excellent range and deep quality sound.
  • The Slap Cajon is also available as a Mini Cajon Drum and is 12” in height and with 10” X 10” dimensions.
  • The Lap Drum is of walnut hardwood, with a tuned port and solid maple. It has a dual resonant head system, with great acoustic interior architecture. It is compact in size and feasible for easy transport. It has great popularity in the drum circle.

Buying the Best Box Drum Set

Choosing the best cajon box drum set is the ultimate goal of any player, when he or she has an intention to buy the product. When you are ready to use the Cajon drum for small-amplified, big-amplified surroundings or for acoustic play or for recording and studio work or as a hobby and entertainment, you need to choose the best set, according to your requirement. Try to get the feel of the instrument before you choose one. There are various brands available and you can do a little research, as a pre-work, about the brands and understand them better, before you choose one. Make sure that it fits your budgets too. Check for details such as quality of wood, the finishing, quality of joints and other small details. If you need to travel frequently, you should choose ones that are light-weight, and of good construction that may not crack easily under strain. Make sure that you have protective bags that are strong and well-padded, to store them safely and for ease-of-use during travel.

The Cajon is a musical instrument that is a great instrument to own and a great asset to know how to play. By getting a Cajon of good quality that fits your requirement and budget, you can play to your hearts content and enjoy the music by yourself or as a team of musicians or giving performances that can be enjoyed by all. Each Cajon has its own individual sound, individual quality and individual characteristic and can fit in with any band or any musical instrument. Enjoy your music and make others enjoy your music.