how much do drum sets cost?

how much do drum sets cost?

Priced to Drum: The Complete Cost Breakdown of Drum Sets for Any Budget

Ready to start banging away the beats but not sure how much to budget for a complete drum kit? From affordable beginner sets to pro-level monster kits loaded with cymbals and hardware, drum prices can vary widely. This detailed guide breaks down what goes into kit configurations at all levels, average drum set costs, and tips for saving money without sacrificing sound quality.

Let’s explore major factors that determine pricing so you can set realistic expectations when equipping your home studio or getting stage ready!

Key Factors That Impact Drum Set Costs

Several elements contribute to the overall price tag of both acoustic and electronic drum set gear. Consider these primary drivers:

  • Drum shell material – The composition of drum cylinders and shells
  • Hardware included – Stands, pedals, throne, hi-hat
  • Cymbals – Quality, sizes, number included
  • Electronics – Modules, triggers, sound engines
  • Brand reputation – Budget vs premium companies
  • Bundle options – Individual pieces vs complete kits

Choosing configurations within budget while still sounding great comes down to balancing these elements wisely. Let’s explore popular options at various price points.

Good Beginner Drum Set Costs

Just starting out on drums? You can get set up with quality gear at entry-level pricing:

Starter Acoustic Drum Set Costs:

Shell pack = $300-$800
Cymbals and hardware = $200-$500
Total Beginner Set = $500-$1300

Electronic kits with built-in sounds can also be very affordable:

Entry-Level Electronic Set Cost:

4-5 Piece e-kit = $500-$1200

Aim for recognizable drum brand names even on starter gear for decent sound and reliability.

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For acoustic kits, basic configurations include:

  • 🥁 5-piece shell pack with bass drum, 2 toms, snare + seat
  • 🔧 Hardware like kick pedal, cymbal and hi-hat stands
  • 💿 Entry-level cymbals starter pack

Look for shell packs with birch, mahogany or poplar shells rather than very cheap composite woods. And target mid-range cymbal brands like Wuhan, Meinl HCS or Zildjian Planet Z rather than no-name ones for better sound.

Consider investing more in good heads and cymbals down the line as skills progress. But $500-$1200 buys a very solid learning kit.

Intermediate Drum Set Costs

Once beyond total basics, look to mid-range acoustic kits in the $800-$1500 range:

Intermediate Drum Set Price Points:

🥁 Shell pack = $800-$1200
🔧 Hardware + throne= $250-$500
💿 Cymbals pack = $250-$700

Total Kit = $1300-$2400

And for electronic kits with more robust module features:

🔌 Intermediate E-Kit = $1500-$2500

What can you expect in this price tier?

  • 🥁 Sturdier shells – Birch, maple and other hardwoods
  • ⚙️ Double-braced stands and smooth pedals
  • 💿 Name brand crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals
  • 🔌 Larger displays, built-in lessons/games

Paying a little more yields higher quality materials, reliable hardware and versatile cymbal assortments.

Professional Drum Set Costs

Once ready to gig and record, prosumer and professional kits provide go-anywhere durability and sound:

Tier 1 Pro Acoustic Kits:

Shell pack = $1500-$2500
Cymbals = $1000-$2000
Hardware = $750-$1500

Total = $3250-$6000+

For top-end flagship e-kits with mesh heads:

High-End Electronic Set = $3000-$8000

Flagship features may include:

  • 🥁 Exotic wood shells – Maple, bubinga, acrylic
  • 💿 Pro cymbal packs – Zildjian A, Sabian AA/HHX
  • ⚙️ Gibraltar racks and stands
  • 🔌 Multi-zone mesh heads, advanced modules

While not cheap, this gear is built to handle touring and studio work with superb acoustic quality.

Now let’s break down full kit pricing…

Average Costs: Complete Drum Set Packages

Rather than piecing together component by component, many shoppers prefer the simplicity of an all-inclusive ready-to-play bundle. Here are typical price bands for full drum set packages based on quality tier:

Entry-Level Complete Drum Sets

  • 5-piece acoustic sets with hardware and starter cymbals
  • Very basic 4-pad electronic kits

Average Cost Range: $600 – $1500

This range is great for younger beginners or very casual playing. Basic hardware and cymbals are included but leave room for upgrades over time.

Mid-Range Complete Drum Sets

  • Intermediate quality shell materials
  • Double-braced hardware, smooth pedals
  • Name brand cymbals included

Average Cost Range: $1500 – $3000

A solid mid-tier kit ready for gigs and continued progression. Both acoustic and electronic options available.

Professional Complete Drum Sets

  • Pro-level exotic wood shells, maple, bubbinga
  • Premium Gibraltar and DW hardware
  • Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl cymbals

Average Cost Range: $3000 – $7000

The full professional setup. Built for touring, extreme playability and dynamic acoustic tone shaping. Invest for the long haul!

Now let’s examine cost saving tips…

Ways to Save on Drum Kits

Here are insider tricks to get the most value from your drum budget:

🔘 Buy shell packs only, then pick individual cymbals/hardware later

🔘 Scan used listings for deals on quality gear

🔘 Start with just a 3-piece compact kit if space limited

🔘 Prioritize spending on heads and cymbals over shells

🔘 Enroll in instrument rental programs before buying

🔘 Buy previous year models for steep discounts

🔘 Wait for holiday sales – Memorial Day, July 4th, etc.

Finding deals without sacrificing quality takes savvy shopping. But do your homework and deals abound!

Key Takeaways on Drum Set Costs

Factor popular price points for various configurations when planning your drum gear purchases:

Full starter sets = $500-$1500

Component kits = $1300-$2400

Touring kits = $3250+

And remember supplies are investments – buy quality within budget, treat gear properly, and with regular maintenance it holds value for years to come!

Ready to start searching inventory armed with pricing knowledge? Get ready to rock your home studio or the big stage with the best drums for your budgetary needs!